Google Selling iGoogle To Apple

igoogle retires in google-spring-cleaning-work 2012

Else, there is no reason for pulling the plug on a product as simple and superb as those prefixed “i”, that is, the ones from apple’s isteemed family including iphone, ipad, ipod etc. You guessed right, I cooked the subject as just another #maybe

Wrt Google Spring Cleaning Drive 2012, just when the masses started breathing in this efficient one-place, personalized and real-time info aggregator, reader and search combo, Google, announced with “modern apps that run on platforms like Chrome and Android the need for iGoogle has eroded over time… Users will have 16 months to adjust or export their data.”

Time awaits none. Technology, even more so. Perhaps, that is one reason to be wary of the buzz surrounding the fairly new wave called as Google Plus.

On a more personal note, iGoogle has been my daily/hourly/real-timely from last 6-7 years when I joined the travel industry. Office hours kicks off with sips of tea/coffee and those of breaking news, inspirations, alerts, reports etc from the travel, tourism and destination industry on iGoogle’s interface. With tabs and gadgets that seemed to have inspired the smartphones and tablets rectangular designs. Google, since last fall, you have slashed over 30 projects and services. But none as tough a decision as iGoogle at least for me. However, your launch-clean-launch-clean drive makes me hope that a better alternative is in store. Google Play, Plus and Chrome are not. Goggle and self-drive car…don’t mention!

P.S: thanks for 16 months lease.

C’mon iGooglers say something via this informal petition…


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