What’s in a Name? Juliet answers and inspires many more

Shakespeare’s  hero(-ine) Juliet came to life writing her own lines – and this took off into many an answers and blogposts as this.

A quick recap: Twitter mocked and made a hashtag, #countriesbyvoguewriters, out of a Vogue Writer, Joan Juliet Buck , U-turn from an all-praise write-up, “A Rose in the Desert“, on Syrian first lady Asma Al-Assad to “first lady of hell” and “Syria. The name itself sounds sinister like syringe, or hiss”.

Apolitically put, the trend surely brings out wits and grins. Seasoned world travelers can relate better to the new definitions for their favorite places. Here are  few top spins:

  • Germany—the name itself sounds infectious
  • New Zealand—because the old Zealand is so last season
  • Romania—a country whose name suggested crazy romances
  • Iran— The name itself sounds as if one is running away.
  • Bahrain — Sounds like the expression of disappointment someone going to a picnic makes when the weather changes.
  • Kenya —  The name itself sounds like my reply to Barbie when she asked if I remembered her boyfriend’s name.

followed by…

“What’s in a name? That which we call twitter
by any other name would have made the same noise.” Isn’t it?


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