Google: a step back and two forth

The below two feeds on Google together puts the search giant as being realist and one up to the ask.

(Related news: Google buys Frommer’s Travel Guides Brand, on August 10 2012,  strengthening itself in the travel domain after adding iconic Zagat restaurant-review guide. )

Back to the stories, first is a light mockery, “Google buys newspaper ad to show why newspaper ads do not work” in Mashable, which for a while makes you think that Google is giving into a step backward. A “multi-faceted irony” – Google’s print ads ran on Canada’s Globe and Mail newspaper – in words of the author Lauren. Supported, in part, by this tweet as well.

“An ad for Google ads in today’s Globe demonstrates the value of print ads, yes?” — @sladurantaye, Globe and Mail media reporter.

However, second talks about “Google building the search engine of future” which includes taking search to your Gmail inbox along with a better voice search and combining knowledge for a collective-subjective wisdom.

That’s called as being realist. To the competition and to the fact that it still needs to pull/push many a prospects out of inertia to go Google with ads. And also, pull/push themselves up to the future or the future up to themselves with new experiments like Incorporating Gmail into search. And this. And this.


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