Brainwashed? Reinvent Yourself

Just Another Self-Help book that Works, titled  “Brainwashed: Seven ways to reinvent yourself” by Seth Godin

Pass along a copy of this manifesto to others with zero-commerce involved.  And have more fun, learning and sharing with other Free Stuff from Seth’s Collection.


Bizzare Search Engine Results

This Re-search with some off-travel keyphrases conspires from the “madness-of-search-engine-results-in-travel-the-bali-edition” on Tnooz via Travelfish

Considering google’s polarised results for tripadvisor it smells

  1. ‘agoda’ is one of the milking keywords for tripadvisor.
  2. the rumor of search-giant buying a travel-giant is the real news
  3. the news of travel-giant filing complaint against the former for ‘unfair’ behavior is a rumor.