Meaningful Greetings for Holidays Entrepreneurs

Whether we want them or not, the New Year will bring new challenges; whether we seize them or not, the New Year will bring new opportunities. The year is ours to make of it what we will.

And perhaps thats how dependent business can greet each other – wishing & mentioning opportunities!

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Eco Friendly Story


There was a small hotelier,

with just one small hotel under his name,

Who won the Bid,

for an Island Hotel to be privatized.

Here’s the line that stole the bid

from the Taj, Leela, Oberoi and others

“… don’t spoil this beautiful island with a hotel,

but keep it original and authentic.

We do not need to do anything here

and that’s my proposal.”

The hotel outgrew itself from Casino Group of Hotels to Clean, Green & Healthy – Earth Hotels

P.S: The Administration Panel or Tourism Ministary who approved his proposal deserves equal if not more praise.


Why in Kerala for Snake Boat Races that too during the monsoons

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Kerala Snake Boat Races


As famous as Spanish Bull Run/Bull fighting or the World’s Biggest Food Fight (La Tomatina) (ref. Jindegi Milegi Na Dobara). Just that it doesn’t breach any animal rights or wastes any food!

Biggest Team Sport in the World. Crews of more than hundred men, each on 130 ft long traditional canoe, striving hard to win the desirous trophy!

Entertaining, Exciting & Traditionally Indian (Keralan) to the Core!Fully paisa vasool

Nehru Trophy always falls on 2nd Saturday (10 Aug 2013). Champakulam on Sunday for 2013 (23 June 2013). Busy Souls, a long weekend banta hai!

You are catching the game Live towards the finishing point either from the comfort of an exclusive Boat or that of a resort’s Pavilion. Whileyou are being served juices & snacks as per the holiday packages, the racing paddlers sweat it out for the prized trophies which are inscribed “To the winner of the boat-race which is a unique feature of community life in Travancore-Cochin”

Have more from the backwaters. Clubbing your visit around a fest, to here or any other destination, is a smart tourist’s strategy!

Should I mention, the destination is Keralaahaa – one of “The Ten Paradises of the World” and “50 places of a lifetime” by Nat Geo & all.

Ideal time for Ayurvedic Massages & Treatment and literally, to well-spend your savings for the rainy days. It is during the monsoon that the ‘doshas’ or problems of the body surface. It’s the best time to detect these troubles and so the best time to give the right treatments as well. The roots that are ready in the winter are powdered and kept ready… and at this time we get fresh leaves as well. Also, due to the pleasant, moist & dust-free atmosphere during the rainy season from June to September, the body’s pores open up and make it most receptive to herbal oils and therapy.

If this inspires, here are two holiday packages worth the experience from Thomas Cook India….that’s where I presently work (in case, it bothers you, I am not paid for these blogs :) . Not even for saying Apna holiday Book nahi Thomas Cook Karein!)

Champakulam Boat Race on 23 Jun 2013 : With This the season for boat races in Kerala begins, with 100% frenzy, with the below – the oldest one & also one of the most popular.  Next Weekend. RUSH

Nehru Trophy Boat Race on 10 August 2013: The greatest backwaters extravaganza is held in Kerala on the second Saturday of August every year. Magnificent snake boats compete for the prized trophy instituted by Jawaharlal Nehru, the first Prime Minister of India, in the year 1952. Apart from the races of chundan valloms (snake boats) and of smaller country crafts, the event offers many fascinating sights such as ceremonial water processions, spectacular floats and decorated boats.  Around 2 months to go before crewmen take up the Oars. You plan & book & cook!

An Iconic, Legendary, Inspiring Indian Hotel

Every hotel has a story – real and reel in varying degree. One of the most popular ones being that of  the making of Mumbai’s Taj Mahal Palace Hotel.

But before we re-share the mystique a billionth time let’s get inspired by Bombay’s (now Mumbai) first harbor landmark, built some 20 years before Gateway of India.

As for the background to its foundation, it is said, Jamshedji N Tata, founder of India’s top business house Tata, was once not allowed entry into Watson’s Hotel (or perhaps Pyrke’s Apollo Hotel) in Mumbai, the then Bombay, on account of his being a non-white. This racial discrimination pushed him to foray into the hospitality industry with the launch of the Taj Mahal Palace and Towers in 1903. Another story goes that he (Mr. Tata) already had the idea of ‘a world class hotel worthy of Bombay’ in his mind, and had made much study of the subject. No matter which version you believe but then took off India’s first and largest chain of hotels – Indian Hotels Company, better known by its flagship brand the Taj. And with this Taj pioneered the Indian hospitality with many firsts in infrastructure and services.

This was the only hotel of Taj till 1971 after which the group added two to three hotels each year to reach 117 hotels globally including 100 in India. The 100th hotel milestone was marked last week only with the opening of 208-room Vivanta by Taj at Gurgaon, 17 miles from New Delhi.

Few trivia:
» The Ballroom is made from steel that was used to build the Eiffel Tower.
» On December 16, 1903, the doors of the Taj opened to the public at Rs 6 per room. Post renovation in the 1970’s the rooms cost Rs 90 for a single room on without meals.Today, a room costs Rs 28,000!

Good reads on Taj Mahal Palace

This post is written while updating my company’s revamped website Just got inspired by the hotel’s past and felt like recollecting and sharing.